When someone does something so much...it becomes robotic...and can kill your drive of doing other things...or that thing you're doing so much...
Robots don't give hugs...is a concept that I think will inspire others to think about how fast technology is evolving around us...Each and every day there is another great idea and for right now ALL ideas are human's ideas...
What do you want people to know about your art character?

He's not always sad.
He's not always happy.
He's someone you walk by everyday.
He might not get recognized.
But he'll always be there.

What do you want people to understand or take away from your character?

He's like you in a lot of ways. 

Aristotle writes: "Things that cause friendship are: doing kindnesses; doing them unasked; and not proclaiming the fact when they are done."
Aristotle elaborates on the kinds of things we seek in proper friendship, suggesting that the proper basis for philia (love) is objective: those who share our dispositions, who bear no grudges, who seek what we do, who are temperate, and just, who admire us appropriately as we admire them, and so on...
Philia (love) could not emanate from those without blood or those who are quarrelsome, gossips, aggressive in manner and personality, who are unjust, and so on...
The best characters, it follows, may produce the best kind of friendship and hence love. The most rational man is he who would be the happiest, and he, therefore, who is capable of the best form of friendship, which between two "who are good, and alike in virtue" is rare (NE, VIII.4 trans. Ross).
So if it is not robots who give hugs, then it is you that must give the hugs...and it is you that must share the love that you have found...

A scar-hearted man who happily thinks too much sometimes



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